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Coaching for Professionals

People who are professionally responsible for the well-being of people or who lead teams have satisfying but sometimes very taxing work. Problems are 'taken home' and at a certain point you react with stress reactions, which in some situations can even culminate in burnout complaints.

Coaching for Professionals may be indicated if you cannot resolve the matter on your own or choose to discuss your problem with a neutral person. I will work with you to find the core of the problem; we will explore its personal and professional context and work on strengthening your problem-solving skills.​

I can assist you with the following issues

Psychological aspects of professional functioning

  • Dealing with stress effectively

  • Assertiveness and perseverance

  • Fear of failure and performance pressure

  • Defeat and success

  • Dealing with competition

  • Communication skills

  • Contact skills

  • Dealing with conflicts

  • Leading skills

  • Dealing with feeling

Work and Life Issue

  • Work and family/home situation

  • Changes in the workplace

  • Work and age

  • Work and leisure

  • Work and gender-specific aspects

  • Teamwork

  • Dealing with dismissal

  • Career changes



  • Coaching programs funded by employers: In consultation​

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